May 25, 2010

Atheist app for Iphone

Apple has come out with an interesting app for its Iphone. It is the mAtheist for Iphone by Perception Health.

The Itunes description for the mAtheist says,

"An unbeliever, agnostic, atheist, rationalist, or not quite sure; but looking for rational inspiration? mAtheist is a database of over 700 quotes from most of the world's best known freethinkers through the centuries. Dawkins, Ingersoll, Voltaire ... authors, scientists and rationalists who challenged the status quo. You'll find a random quote at every launch; but for more in-depth study, you can browse through the quotes categorized by author, source, or year. With mAtheist, you can also manage your own list of favorite quotes for ready reference. The developer has made every attempt to verify the authenticity of the quote and the accuracy of the data; but if you find errors, please point them out to us so that we can correct them in a future release. Enjoy and be inspired!"

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