May 8, 2010

Mormon Missionaries Call Home on Mother's Day and Christmas Only

The Chicago Tribune has an interesting story on Mormon moms. In particular, Mormon moms whose son's are LDS Missionaries.

The significant part of the story relates to how often Mormon Missionaries are allowed by the LDS Church to call their families while on their mission. The Chicago Tribune piece notes, "young Mormon missionaries can talk to their families only twice a year. The cherished semiannual ritual falls on Christmas and Mother's Day.....The semiannual telephone calls are usually limited to 45 minutes or an hour."

The piece also notes, "More than 50,000 full-time missionaries — mostly men — ages 19 to 30 serve as missionaries for the Latter-day Saints. Young men can serve 24 months beginning at age 19. Young women can serve 18 months beginning at age 21."


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