May 6, 2010

UN Security Council Voice Support for Nuclear-Free Middle East

Haaretz reported yesterday that the UN Security Council is backing a move to make the Middle East free of nukes. This sounds good, but it is a direct move against Israel.

The Haaretz piece stated, "
The United States, Russia, Britain, France and China on Wednesday voiced support for making the Middle East a nuclear-arms-free zone, which would mean Israel would have to scrap any atomic bombs in its possession."

Joel Rosenberg notes on his blog, "What makes the new U.N. announcement so dangerous is that it does nothing to stop Iran from continuing to build its own nuclear weapons. Rather, it turns the world’s attention away from stopping Iran from getting offensive nukes and towards pressuring Israel to give up its defensive nukes. The world will now ramp up unbearable pressure on Israel first to disclose and second to dismantle all of its nuclear arsenal, and claim that no more action can be taken to stop Iran until the “double standard” of Israel is dealt with. "

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