August 28, 2010

Fox News: Baptist Minister Wins Republican Nomination for US Congress in Oklahoma

Fox News reports that James Lankford, longtime director of one of the largest Christian youth camps in the world, on Tuesday won the Republican nomination for Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District.

In November, Lankford will face Democrat nominee, Billy Coyle, and two independents for the 5th Congressional seat vacated by gubernatorial candidate, Mary Fallin.

August 19, 2010

Pew Poll: Increasing Belief that Obama is a Muslim, not a Christian than in 2009

According to a recent Pew Poll, the public increasingly believes Obama is a Muslim (up 7% from 2009) or is uncertain of his religion (up 9% from 2009).

Too, the number of people who believe he is a Christian fell by 14% from 2009.

August 4, 2010

Debkafile: Huge Iranian energy plant explosion coincides with bid on Ahmadinejad's life

Debakfile reports a most important story today, "Huge Iranian energy plant explosion coincides with bid on Ahmadinejad's life".

Most commentators think the conflict between Iran and Israel is something that is likely to happen. It is arguable, however, that -as we have postulated on this blog- the conflict is already underway and we just have not yet seen a major decisive strike by either Iran or Israel.

If in fact Israel is responsible for the attempt on Ahmadinejad's life and for the explosion at the Iranian plant then this could be the beginning of the next and more deadly phase of the conflict. It will be interesting to see how Iran responds to these incidents.