July 30, 2009

64% of Israelis want Temple rebuilt

Ynetnews.com has a very interesting story reporting that 64% of Israelis want the Temple to be rebuilt.

According to the Ynetnews.com piece that in response to the question of whether or they want the Temple to be rebuilt, "
Sixty-four percent responded favorably, while 36% said no. An analysis of the answers showed that not only the ultra-Orthodox and the religious look forward to the rebuilding of the Temple (100% and 97% respectively), but also the traditional public (91%) and many seculars – 47%."

July 10, 2009

Prince Charles: 96 months to save the world!

Prince Charles of Whales with his forecast of the world's destruction apparently is now joining the chorus of environmentalist prophets like Al Gore, Ted Danson and others. Al Gore told the audience at the Sun Dance Film Festival in 2006 that we had only 10 years to save the planet from destruction.

Prince Charles said in a speech to environmentalists and industrialists at St. James Palace that due to "consumerism" the world has reached the brink of destruction. In fact, according to
The Independent, the Prince the world only has 96 months to avoid "irretrievable climate and ecosystem collapse, and all that goes with it."

Prince Charles also said, "We face the dual challenges of a world view and an economic system that seem to have enormous shortcomings, together with an environmental crisis – including that of climate change – which threatens to engulf us all. But for all its achievements, our consumerist society comes at an enormous cost to the Earth and we must face up to the fact that the Earth cannot afford to support it. Just as our banking sector is struggling with its debts – and paradoxically also facing calls for a return to so-called 'old-fashioned', traditional banking – so Nature's life-support systems are failing to cope with the debts we have built up there too. If we don't face up to this, then Nature, the biggest bank of all, could go bust. And no amount of quantitative easing will revive it."

The royal family is one of the wealthiest families in the history of the world so it is utterly absurd for someone in his position to be declaring war on "consumerism."

July 8, 2009

Mormon Apostle tells missionaries to take people to the "Gods" and ultimately to their "own Godhood"

Mormon Apostle, Jeffrey R. Holland, made some interesting remarks to over 600 Mormon missionaries at the 2009 New Mission Presidents Seminar. Those who are unfamiliar with Mormon beliefs will find Elder Holland's statements most interesting since the Mormon church works so hard to present itself as Christian. To be fair, Elder Holland was simply teaching Mormon doctrine, but the doctrine he was teaching while true to Mormonism is contradictory to the monotheism of the Bible.

Holland said, "We are charged with the responsibility of getting people out of their ruts and routines, out of their problems and their pain, out of their earthly little arguments and ignorance and sins, and take them to the Gods — to the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost — ultimately we are to take them toward their own Godhood. In short, we are to take them to the divine. And the Holy Ghost is the connecting link which the Godhead has agreed to give us here in mortality for that heavenly connection."

The polytheistic theology presented in Holland's remarks is outside of biblical Christianity because the Bible is monotheistic. In fact, the polytheistic theology presented by the Apostle Holland and to which the Mormon Church currently adheres, is also contradictory to the teachings found in the Book of Mormon (Alma 11:26-31, Alma 11:44, 1 Nephi 13:41).

July 6, 2009

Joe Biden ok's Israel attack on Iran

On Sunday Vice President, Joe Biden, in an interview on ABC's This Week said, "If the Netanyahu government decides to take a course of action different than the one being pursued now, that is their sovereign right to do that. That is not our choice."

Biden also said this in the interview, ""Israel can determine for itself -- it's a sovereign nation -- what's in their interest and what they decide to do relative to Iran and anyone else."

Israeli officials received Biden's statement with much appreciation. According to the Taiwan News, "Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Monday that Biden's comments were 'very logical.' He said that although the two allies sometimes have disagreements, 'at the end of the day the decision is ours.'"

July 2, 2009

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder: Whites and ministers will not be protected by his proposed Hate Crimes legislation

Free Republic reported today that U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, in his testimony before the Senate said that ministers and whites are not covered by the Justice Department's hate crimes legislation. According to Free Republic, Senator Jeff Sessions presented this hypothetical situation to Holder, "Sessions presents a hypothetical where a minister gives a sermon, quotes the Bible about homosexuality and is thereafter attacked by a gay activist because of what the minister said about his religious beliefs and what scripture says about homosexuality."

In response, Holder made this statement in his testimony before the Senate, “Well the statute would not necessarily cover that. On the other hand, I think the concern that actually has been expressed is if the action was reversed. . . . We are talking about, if in fact the person, we are talking about crimes that have a historic basis. Groups who have been targeted for violence as a result of their skin color, sexual orientation, that is what this legislation is designed to cover. The fact that someone might strike somebody as a result of pure speech, again, . . . we don’t have the indication that somebody was motivated to strike at somebody because they were in one of these protected classes. That would not be covered by the statute.”

Not surprising, but Holder said on May 14 that the hate-crimes measure would not be a problem for ministers.