April 12, 2010

A Muslim and a Christian Talk About Jesus

Dr. Jeff Crawford, Senior Pastor of Grand Avenue Baptist Church in Fort Smith, Arkansas posted a very interesting piece on his blog today.

Grand Avenue Baptist Church hosted a very interesting event yesterday: a debated between a Muslim and Christian apologist, James Walker.

Crawford stated of the event,

"Last night, our church did something that has never been done in our 75+ year history: we hosted a live 2 hour “debate” between a Christian and a Muslim. The topic was Jesus. In fact, I have not known of any church to host, in their own facilities, anything like what we did last night. I am sure somebody has done it but it certainly is not common. We had over 600 people show up to witness the exchange. For two FULL and fast paced hours, James Walker (president of Watchman Fellowship) and Khalil Meek (president and CEO of the Muslim Legal Fund of America) went head-to-head in a warm and civil discussion about Jesus. I found the whole exercise fascinating. Over 150 questions were text messaged into our system. Unfortunately time only allowed for a handful of those to be addressed."


Mary said...

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Anonymous said...

Watch this video about Muslims approaching Christians to talk about Jesus. It is amazing!