April 9, 2010

Emerging Church Leader Brian McLaren Blasts Evangelicals and Wonders Why They 'Dislike' Him

Brian McLaren, who in my view, fancies himself as some sort of modern-day Reformer, is wondering why Evangelicals "don't like him." McLaren has been a leading critic of Evangelicals urging them to reconsider their position on issues such as who Jesus is and homosexuality and embrace more liberal positions on these issues.

Newsbusters has a very interesting piece on McLaren titled, "Liberal Preacher McLaren Blasts Evangelicals; Wonders Why They Dislike Him." Not surprisingly, McLaren, blames the "authoritative" leaders of the religious right for Evangelicals' disliking of him as if Evangelicals cannot think for themselves. McLaren's blaming conservative Evangelical leaders for his unpopularity is reminiscient of the tactic liberals have used in politics recently in blaming George W. Bush for all that is wrong in the world. McLaren who routinely labels his critics would likely resist labels on himself, but interestingly, it appears that he is now closely tied to the left as evidenced not only by his beliefs, but also by his writing for the liberal blog, The Huffington Post. Hence, perhaps McLaren is not some kind of new Christian at all, but is a liberal.

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