March 28, 2010

US researchers postulate Israeli tactical nuclear strike on Iran

Debkafile has a very informative piece today regarding the ongoing Israel-Iran conflict.

According to the Debkafile piece, "Scenarios of a potential Israeli attack on Iran - usually without Washington's assent - abound in leading US media in the last 24 hours....Debkafile's military sources point in particular to the work of two eminent experts on Iran's nuclear program, Anthony Cordesman and American-Jordanian Abdullah Toqan for the Washington Institute for Strategic Affairs, who report the belief in some American military circles that '…nuclear weapons are the only weapons that can destroy targets deep underground or in tunnels'… In their latest work, the two researchers find that 'Ballistic missiles or submarine-launched cruise missiles [such as those with which Israeli Dolphin submarines are armed] could serve for Israeli tactical nuclear strikes without interference from Iranian air defenses.'"

Certainly no one knows who will initiate the next clash in the ongoing Israel-Iran conflict, but it is for certain that the conflict is becoming a big concern to many people and it seems almost a given that the conflict will erupt into a major military battle probably sooner rather than later.

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