March 8, 2010

Southern Baptist Church Hosting Point-Counter-Point Dialogue Between a Muslim and a Christian

Grand Avenue Baptist Church in Fort Smith, Arkansas will be hosting a most interesting event. On Sunday, April 11 the church will host a point-counter-point between Christian apologist and President of Watchman Fellowship, James K. Walker and Muslim and CEO of the Muslim Legal Fund of America, Khalil Meek. The point-counter-point will deal with Jesus, the cross and the resurrection.

Senior Pastor of Grand Avenue Baptist Church, Dr. Jeff Crawford, announced the event on his blog today saying, "For two hours, on April 11th, James Walker and Khalil Meek will go head-to-head, each sharing their story and then engaging in a point-counter point dialogue over the topic: Jesus, the Cross, and the Resurrection (remember, this is the week AFTER Easter.) We have already received word from groups within an hours driving radius that are interested in coming to this event. We will be inviting the congregations of both Islamic Centers in Fort Smith as well as the Mormon community. Needless to say, I am extremely excited that Grand will be hosting this unique event where the clear message of Jesus Christ will be proclaimed."

This could be an event that many Evangelical churches would be interested in hosting for their city.

The church has also produced a TV commercial of the event that is being broadcast on the local stations.

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