March 13, 2010

Christian Minister turned Atheist Activist

The Age published an interesting story about Dan Barker, the co-President of the atheist group, Freedom Religion Foundation.

Barker was a Christian and a minister for 19 years of his life until 1984 when he announced to his friends that he decided to be an atheist.

The Age piece paints a not so surprising picture of how Barker went from Christian minister to atheist activist. The piece states, "Exposure to more liberal Christians pushed him from preaching hellfire and damnation. Then, in his early 30s, he studied theology, philosophy, history and science. Slowly, his beliefs began to unravel."


Tyler Christopher Davis said...

Sounds like a crisis. Probably just some guy who loves to hear himself speak.

Unashamed said...

There is no such thing as a "used to be Christian." To assert such is to be ignorant of the Scriptures and its clear teachings as to the nature of salvation.