January 9, 2010

Southern Baptist Minister running for Congress in Oklahoma

James Lankford, a Southern Baptist Minister in Oklahoma, recently decided to make an interesting career choice. His decision, however, is not the kind of career decision that most Baptist ministers decide upon. Lankford is running for Oklahoma's 5th Congressional seat.

One has to wonder that given the current state of affairs of the country, if Lankford is representative of other Christians and Christian leaders who will decide in the near future to get more involved in the political arena beyond just voting.

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Anonymous said...

Ok Mr. Lankford here is what I want you to do. Say: "I will not take a salary the entire time I am at Congress. I will stay at the Bachelor Officers Quarters at ft. Belvoir. (The are quite nice btw) I will ride the Dafre Shuttle back and forth to Congress and I will eat at the Mess hall or commissary on base money permitting. You do all of that and I am sure we can find you a MAC flight home when you need to be there. Donate the totality of your salary to the State of Oklahoma and rat out all of the Lobbyist who try to bribe you to vote their way and I bet GOD will move the world to help you... Just saying..