January 16, 2010

Earliest known Hebrew inscription discovered!

Physorg.com reports that University of Haifa Biblical Studies Professor, Gershon Galil, recently deciphered an ancient inscription on a pottery shard in the Elah Valley. The inscription dates back to 10th century BC, which was the period of King David's reign making this the earliest known Hebrew inscription.

This discovery even predates another discovery counted as the oldest Hebrew document ever discovered.

Israel Today reports that the significance of this discovery is that, "Previously, a wide range of respected academics had insisted that the Bible could not possibly have been written before the 6th century BC due to widespread illiteracy, making most of text hearsay rather than eye-witness accounts. But the new inscription was found at what was a remote settlement in the 10th century BC, meaning that even small isolated communities had capable scribes."


Anonymous said...

10 BC,,, maybe 1000 BC

Anonymous said...

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