January 12, 2010

Obama Executive Order: Council of 10 Governors....

The LA Times has a story today about President Obama's latest Executive Order. The title of the Executive Order is "Establishment of the Council of Governors."

According to The LA Times piece, the function of the council is,

"Sec. 2. Functions. The Council shall meet at the call of the Secretary of Defense or the Co-Chairs of the Council to exchange views, information, or advice with the Secretary of Defense; the Secretary of Homeland Security; the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counter-terrorism; the Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement; the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and Americas' Security Affairs; the Commander, United States Northern Command; the Chief, National Guard Bureau; the Commandant of the Coast Guard; and other appropriate officials of the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense, and appropriate officials of other executive departments or agencies as may be designated by the Secretary of Defense or the Secretary of Homeland Security.Such views, information, or advice shall concern:

(a) matters involving the National Guard of the various States;

(b) homeland defense;

(c) civil support;

(d) synchronization and integration of State and Federal military activities in the United States; and

(e) other matters of mutual interest pertaining to National Guard, homeland defense, and civil support activities."


Anonymous said...

The NSC selects the council...That sucks.

Anonymous said...

Now if we could just find some religious group to target. Hey we could call up a national police force and give them brown shirts! And have camps where the people we round up (to give us a national scapegoat to focus on) where they could learn to think clearly unclouded by their silly religiousity. I KNOW WE CAN CALL THEM CONCENTRATION CAMPS! So they can learn to concentrate.. or something. Oh no that's been done before... rats.

Anonymous said...

Do you think he wonders what is stuck under that desk? Maybe that's why his feet are on top of it. Hey at least he is wearing a suit.

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