July 14, 2008

Archbishop of Canterbury calls for Islamic Sharia Law in England

Check out this article from RealClearPolitics, “England’s Crisis is Ours Too.”

According to the piece, “Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, publicly called this week for the recognition of ‘some form of’ Shariah law for Muslims in Britain, and said it should be given equal status with parliamentary law.”

Link to the article: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2008/02/englands_crisis_is_ours_too.html


Sociological Zephyr said...

Check this out:


Both the sites above can be interpreted as being anti-Islamic, but really they're critical of the Islamist and jihadi groups.

Preston Condra said...

I've seen the Jihad Watch site and from what I've seen I agree with you that it's critical of Jihadist groups and not anti-Islamic.

I'll check out the other you mentioned.