July 19, 2008

21% of Atheists believe in God

According to a recent Pew report, not only do 21% of Atheists believe in God, but 6% of Atheists believe God is personal. Perhaps this segment of the Atheist community is hedging their bets so to speak. The graphic to the right gives you Pew's breakdown on the issue of the concept of God. You can also click on the graphic to see the complete report.


Sociological Zephyr said...

Hi Preston, nice meeting you today (I found your blog through google).

Probably the 21% of theistic atheists are:
1. confused
2. or the datum here is the result of serious error in the survey instruments (maybe the question was poorly worded)

But who knows!


Preston Condra said...

Hi krob,

It was nice meeting you and getting to visit with you as well.

I agree with your assessment. Frankly, I find it difficult to believe that confessing atheists don't understand their own theology. It looks to me like someone who rejects God takes that position intentionally and wouldn't simultaneously admit to theism of any sort and certainly not a belief in a personal God. So I tend to think the survey is fundamentally flawed.