December 31, 2009

Israel Summons all of her Ambassadors to Jerusalem

Joel Rosenberg's blog is reporting an interesting development in Israel.

According to Rosenberg, "Last week — for the first time ever — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu summoned all of the Jewish State’s ambassadors back to Jerusalem for special briefings….why?….what’s brewing?….developing."

It will certainly be interesting to see why this event has taken place.


Anonymous said...

Everyone stay calm nothing to see here. This happens all the time... uh what do you mean this has never happened since 1948.. Oh you mean thats when they became a country.. wow. so 1948 huh. Hmm. Ok Now is the time to PANIC!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I sure hope Jesus has a sense of humor or I am in deep trouble..

Anonymous said...

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