October 24, 2008

Famous atheist says aliens originated life on earth?

In Ben Stein’s movie, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, famous atheist Richard Dawkins stated that he believes life on earth may have originated from Extra Terrestrials:

One might think that Dawkins’ argument would come from someone holding to a unique version of Intelligent Design. Dawkins, however, actually opposes Intelligent Design in favor of naturalistic Evolution. Dawkins’ ID argument, which we’ll call ETID (Extra Terrestrial Intelligent Design) is an attempt to explain the origin of life apart from God, but of course it does not account for the origin of Dawkins’ ET’s. It seems absurd for a guy to suggest ETID and simultaneously say theists are irrational.


Nate King said...

I recently watched this documentary. I was a little disappointed that there was not a greater emphasis on the moment Dawkins was willing to admit Intelligent Design so long as it did not involve God. Of course the next big question as you pointed out is if it was aliens that intelligently created us how were they created? It seems Dawkins doesn't care as long as it is not "God." For more info check out my blog http://natekingnewagemovement.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

It is disappointing that so many people are buying into this movie with its depth of deception. Dawkins was prodded by Stein to state *any* situation he could imagine that would allow for intelligent design. So Dawkins used what he sees (and has clearly stated) as a hugely UNLIKELY case of directed panspermia, and even in that case the "aliens" would have evolved in a "Darwinian" manner. It would be really nice to see someone try to put together an ID film that wasn't filled with lies and logical fallacies...but it is not possible.

Penny Pedersen said...

Even in commenting that higher beings or a higher intelligence could have designed earth and its inhabitants, as evidenced by certain "chemical signatures" that may suggest a designer and not a random accident, that still only deals with a theory of development, a theory of evolution. There are still no real answers on where we came from, according to science; there are only attempts to answer how things developed into what we now see. Interesting.

In watching the whole documentary, I found that it lost sight of its purpose to argue for equality in teaching all views of origin and development, instead slipping into an argument regarding creation vs. evolution and eventually coming down to whether or not there is a God. This I found a bit disappointing, as I felt the original premise of equality in teaching to be a good point.