July 18, 2008

Southern Gospel Singer Denounces the Trinity and Deity of Christ

Southern gospel singer, Joel Hemphill, 8-time Dove Award winner and '07 Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame inductee is the center of controversy due to his views on the Trinity and the deity of Christ. He has drawn criticism from Dr. Robert Sumner of The Biblical Evangelist, James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries, Dr. Rick Watson of Columbia Evangelical Seminary and James Kieferdorf who is the original whistleblower on this story.

Hemphill says God gave him a message in 1986. Below is a comparison of a statement from the message and Hemphill's subsequent statements. Notice the contradiction.

God’s Message to Hemphill

God said, '...I am the Lord God of the Mighty Hosts, the great King, soon coming back in majesty as the Bridegroom to receive a bride that has made herself ready,’ and He wanted to be presented in that manner.” (http://www.thehemphills.com/messagefromgod.html)

Hemphill’s Statements

Evidently Hemphill does not adhere to the1986 message because it refers to Jesus' divinity. Jesus is the Bridegroom of the bride (the Church) and is the One who is coming back in majesty. Not only are Hemphill’s views contrary to historic biblical Christianity, but his statements contradict his own information.


Anonymous said...

As an adult child of parents who grew up listening to Southern Gospel Music and who are still listening to it, the news regarding Joel Hemphill comes as a blow. I guess I had equated this type of gospel music with sound doctrine, mainly because of the lyrics declared in the songs. Just goes to show that some instruments need repair.

J.J. Borges

Sean said...

Wow! How encouraging to hear that another truth seeker has been able to see through 17 centuries of fuzzy church dogma. Hallelujah. May we all agree with Jesus who said that the Father is the only true God (John 17.3)

Sean said...

to hear Joel's testimony of how God led him to this revelation click here

Anonymous said...

Anyone who denies the Trinity is not saved and is headed to hell. May they repent!

Unknown said...

anonymus nowhere in the bible does it say you have to believe in the trinity to be saved.

Enyinna Nkem Abonta said...

The Trinity doctrine is such utter nonsense that I can't see how anyone with even only a modicum of intellect can entertain it, even without reading the Bible, much less declare it a biblical doctrine, the belief of which is required for salvation. The only reason I can find for its development and acceptance is that Satan himself foisted it on a church that had already developed a predilection for apostasy. No doctrine of the church is more unscriptural, more pernicious, more dishonoring of the Father, the only true God (John 17:3), more demonic in the entire battery of doctrines of the post 4th century Church, nearly all of which are false by the way. The Church as we know it now is essentially a neo-Platonic pagan institution with a Christian label. It's awfully in need of radical reformation. I can hardly think of a single doctrine of today's (mainstream) Church that's scripturally sound.